Environmental Mitigation Banking

Restoration Systems is a leading environmental restoration and mitigation banking firm with more than 50 mitigation banks and turn-key restoration sites in nine states. We fund our beneficial activities with the sale of compensatory mitigation off-sets required by state and federal agencies that regulate development in sensitive areas.

Restoration Systems

Raleigh, North Carolina based RS was founded in 1998 to improve the quality of environmental restoration and mitigation. We locate and acquire the best properties in critical areas before using advanced technology to plan their restoration. After conscientious construction we maintain and monitor the mitigation sites over the long term.

Our commitments are permanent

Our ecological restoration projects total over 115,000 acres of wetlands and prairies; and 60 miles of streams, rivers and bayous. Whether wetland or stream mitigation, ecological restoration, water quality improvement or habitat conservation — each RS project or bank is protected, in perpetuity, by environmentally protective conservation easements.